Community funded healthcare for all__

Dandelin healthcare app

Health care should be a basic right, not a luxury that only a few can afford

Using sharing economy principles to build a P2P alternative to health insurance Dandelin splits the real costs of health throughout the community so that they can drop the prices and increase the quality of the services while paying the doctors a fair fee.

Intuitive, community led UI that puts the user at the forefront, whether you are a patient needing more affordable healthcare or a doctor wanting to grow their practice.

A intuitive dashboard thats gives users full access to their agenda and consultation history whilst also enabling them to adjust their level of cover, view their monthly payments and edit their personal profile, in just a couple of taps.

By searching the database of healthcare professionals, filtering by availability, region, specialty, symptoms or doctors name., patients can schedule their next appointment in as little as two taps. No queues or confirmations, patients see the dates and time available, doctor ratings and location, just book. Doctors are listed in closest proximity to your location, so users can be sure to find one that best suits your agenda.

Dandelin’s main principle is to divide the real costs of health care among a community allowing costs to be significantly reduced. The bigger the community, the cheaper the users healthcare plan.


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