Increasing brand value
through intelligent design.

An Agency for the non-conformist.

Misfit is a fast growing digital creative agency on a mission to build a design agency where like-minded, passionate Misfits can work under one roof, share unique ideas and craft digital experiences that change the way people interact, not bound by any border, language or technology. 

What’s made Misfit unique from the start is the simple notion that building a company isn’t all about work, but also about life, passion and play and the simple fact, we live for this!  

There isn’t a template for successful design. From startups just finding their feet, to established companies with years of brand history, we develop brand, Web Design and UX for all. We shape our team and process around each clients objectives and story. 

We help our clients create the premium brand and digital experiences that make users
come back for more of what you offer. 

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